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visual marketing strategy

3 Reasons to Liven Up Your Marketing with Visual Content

March 20, 2019,

If you really want to connect, engage and convert your prospects into customers, then you need to incorporate visual content into your marketing.


Asset-Based Valuation and Market Value Approach: What’s the Difference Between These Valuation Methods?

March 19, 2019,

Do you know how much your business is worth? It’s key to put any bias about the business aside and properly conduct a valuation.

Financial Numbers

5 Financial Numbers Every Small Business Should Be Tracking From Day 1 and Why

March 15, 2019,

Here are five basic business figures that you should be tracking in your business from day one.

How Small Businesses Can Utilize Local SEO

How Small Businesses Can Utilize Local SEO

Learn how your small business why and how your small business can benefit from local SEO strategies in SCORE’s recent infographic.


Nonprofit Purpose and Tax-Exempt Status

March 7, 2019,

For many nonprofits, tax-exempt status is everything. The first step in obtaining tax exemption should be defining your nonprofit’s purpose.

woman working on laptop reading paperwork

7 Legal and Financial Steps to Closing Your Small Business

March 5, 2019,

Exiting a business requires filing paperwork to officially dissolve your business with the state and taking care of other legal and financial formalities.

buy one get one free on phone

How to Increase Impulse Sales for Your Store

Research has shown that consumers spend $5,400 a year on impulse purchases. So how can retailers improve merchandising to take advantage of impulse buyers?

drawing a light bulb idea

How to Go From Product Conception to Manufacturing: A Step-by-Step Guide

February 27, 2019,

Every product we use in our daily lives was once just an idea. Follow these eight steps to go from concept to manufacturing, and hopefully, a profit.

African American woman at job interview with two men

Are Your Small Business Hiring Practices Discriminatory?

February 26, 2019,

Here’s an overview of some important things to know when you’re hiring—and some things you might be doing wrong without knowing it.

business ownership

Business Structure: Which Works Best for You

February 19, 2019,

Here are the upsides and downsides to various business structures: Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, C-corps, S-corps and Partnerships.

How Entrepreneurship Training Benefits Small Businesses infographic

How Entrepreneurship Training Benefits Small Businesses

February 14, 2019,

The recent SCORE infographic on entrepreneurship training examines the impact and benefits of training for small businesses.