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Doug Powers
Beachwood, OH

Assessing readiness and completeness of business plan creation, sharing ideas on marketing/advertising, developing strategies for purchasing and/or selling a business.

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Barbara Bell
Chapel Hill, NC

I can help improve business performance with active engagement, marketing, business development, and business strategy.

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Lia Smith Pratt
Jamul, CA

With any Home Care, or Health related business and or Franchise-- Labor law, and business liability, Starting a small business, and marketing vs. Branding Techniques.

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Pete Capelli
Tonawanda, NY

Computer & Web Support, Mentoring, Facilitator, Fundraising, Leadership, Community Relations, Workshop Instructor, Personnel Management, Marketing ​

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Stephen Heveron-Smith
Webster, NY

Skills Summary Product Management:  Product requirements definition, Voice of the Customer, engineering designs and specifications, new product implementation

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Raj Mehta
Warren, NJ

Extensive background in manufacturing, with strengths in general management, market development, and finance.

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Frank Callahan
Plymouth, MA

My strength is in helping clients determine the feasibility of a business idea, and then help lay out the steps necessary to make that idea a reality.

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Susan C Phalen
Richmond, TX

I specialize in marketing strategy, sales, branding, and website strategies particularly in the health care and education industries.

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Bobby Balmores
Houston, TX

I can help develop marketing strategies using online and offline formats and also give advice to improve sales performance utilizing multiple channels of distributions.

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Larry Butler
Jackson, MS

I can help you with business operations and finance topics for the healthcare industry.

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Chad Raw
Kansas City, MO

I've worked for Express Scripts and DST Pharmacy Solutions developing new products to increase patient adherence and decrease drug cost.

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Blake E. Martin
Omaha, NE

When it comes to franchising, I have built franchise systems, and I am a local franchise owner, so I've been on both sides of the table.

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