Show me the Money! December 8, 2022, 1:30pm CST December 8, 2022, 2:30pm CST

Our journey to solve an important customer problem continues. By now you understand your customer: who they are and what you can do for them. But can you build a sustainable business? For not every great idea or a great product equals a great business. 

Your hard work till this stage of the business financials will now pay off. In this final series of the three series workshop, you will be able to:

Understand business models and go through Disciplined Entrepreneurship Canvas;

Understand the decision-making unit (DMU);

Zero based budgeting;

The impact of the price and how to price on value rather than cost;

Measuring your cost of customer acquisition (CoCA);

Estimating the lifetime value of your customer (LTV);

Calculating Net Promoter Score (NPV)

Integrated marketing communications (IMC), Distribution and Promotion

Core competence or the “secret sauce”

Key Topics

Show me the Money!