During this last week of June, we celebrate Social Media Day in the U.S.. We took a moment to discuss four things that changed or trends that accelerated in the world of social media marketing over the last year during the pandemic. We give practical take away tips for small businesses to reduce costs and increase performance in your online marketing.

Marketing Minute with Tammy and Gaby - Social Media Trends

SCORE Mentor Fort Worth welcomes Suzan Dick to the channel as an on-going contributor beginning immediately. She will provide useful tips and comment on hot topics in human resources.  This month Suzan tackles the hottest topics of all as our economy begins to exit the pandemic…recruiting.

Suzan Dick, Certified SCORE Mentor - Recruiting Post Pandemic

Nabil Saad has been a Certified SCORE Mentor for nearly 20 years. In this video, he and Gaby Romero discuss Nabil's expectations for a business surge in 2021 after the pandemic slows. This video is a little longer than some our others, but is definitely worth your time as Nabil shares his experience and recommendations that every business can leverage!

Nabil Saad, Certified SCORE Mentor

Suzan offers expertise in Human Resources and Employee Development.  Check out this video where she discusses her experience as a mentor as well as client. 

Suzan Dick, Certified SCORE Mentor

Mark offers expertise in Business Finance and Accounting.  Hear from Mark in a two part series interview:  Part 1    Part 2

Mark Lenz, Certified SCORE Mentor Profile

Steve Ruel, long time SCORE Fort Worth Certified Mentor, offers his advice on how to differentiate your business by answering 3 key questions: 1) Who is your customer? 2) How do we serve them? 3) What is our value? Watch to learn more about his simple - but very effective - approach.

Steve Ruel, Certified Mentor, SCORE Fort Worth

Gaby can help clients in the area of marketing communications as well as digital/social media marketing.  Click below to meet Gaby. 

Gaby Romero, Certified SCORE Mentor

Jan offers expertise in creating business plans for new and existing businesses, developing and executing marketing strategies in traditional and digital mediums, and cultivating sustainable customer relationships that create lifetime value for your business. Click below to hear more from Jan.

Jan Ekonomy, Certified SCORE

We saw a major brand make a terrible mistake in an attempt to be edgy and it actually damaged the brand. We will break it down for you so you won't make the same mistake!

SCORE Marketing Minute With Gaby and Jan - Funny Can Backfire

In this Marketing Minute, Jan and Gaby discuss ways to connect with customers in a more authentic and appealing way. This is a MUST-WATCH for you if you are responsible for marketing!

Jan & Gaby on Marketing

Joel Reagan spoke with Russ Brown, a mentor with the S.C.O.R.E. program, based in Fort Worth, which serves Tarrant County. The program provides mentoring and other resources to aspiring business owners and those who already own a small business. Mr. Brown spoke about the programs offered by SCORE and their impact on individuals.

KYDA Interview with Rus Brown, SCORE Fort Worth