Dianne Harrison and Cynthia Clarke know that small details can make a huge difference. In 2011, they challenged themselves to open a boutique company creating exquisite products for all levels of the consumer market, ranging from greeting cards and stationery to wrapping paper and party decor.

Today, Copiosity is a luxury greetings and paper product design company. We design for national retailers,” co owner Harrison says. “Our dream is to show by our example how women and minorities with little money can use sheer determination and resources to become successful entrepreneurs.”

“Our values reflect our respect for balancing business and life; working with our local community; being accountable to the environment and building solid relationships with clients, suppliers, consultants, and artists,” principal Dianne Harrison says.

My successes. 

"Bruce has successfully helped us restructure Copiosity into a company that is poised to grow into a national and international company," Harrison says. Copiosity has enjoyed scaled growth of 80 percent from seven active product lines and business with six national retailers. The business was projected to be profitable by the end of 2016.

Copiosity was named Outstanding Woman-Owned Small Business at the 2016 SCORE Awards.

How SCORE helped. 

“The first expertise we sought was a SCORE mentor,” Harrison says. “He made solid progress because our mentor evaluated our business plan and helped map a strategic direction for business development.” Copiosity worked with SCORE volunteers in its first four years of business and plans to continue to work with mentors.

Mentor Bruce Gitlin guided the pair through every step of the process. "[Bruce] has helped and is still helping us measure growth and scale the business," Harrison says. At times, including in preparation for a pitch to an investor, the pair met with Gitlin as often as twice per week. "We have practiced investor and buyer pitches with Bruce," Harrison says, along with preparing to close purchase-order contracts.

“Having a SCORE representative has made a huge difference in where we started and where we’re going. If we give them another title it would probably be Dr. Bruce,” Clarke says, explaining that instead of giving them cure-all pills, Gitlin provided guidance while the Copiosity team developed ideas and solutions.


My Mentors