"Love this ProXpert Advisor at SCORE. Bob Sifferman has mentored our team at Cuffs every step of the way during our crucial first year challenges. He is knowledgeable, informed, professional and a brilliant marketeer!! Lucky us for crossing paths with Bob!!"  Cynthia Sadler Beyond Cuffs


"Our mentor Joe Longo is awesome! He listened to our needs when we first talked and he is helping fill our needs exactly where we lack. He explains topics very well and makes great suggestions. I love how we bounce ideas off of each other or help guide us with outside the box ideas. Joe is also very encouraging! He is a great fit for us!   This is a great resource for any small business. SCORE quickly set me up with a mentor once they received our name and set us up with a mentor that is a great fit for us."   StreetMod Designs